Letter Dated February 11, 2010

Dear Parents:

Greetings in Christ! It has recently come to my attention that we [our Junior Patriots] were given free tickets to a Clippers game. Unfortunately, before Pastor or I had the chance to approve it, it was promoted to our boys.

Pastor and I would like to make it clear that if we had the chance to approve or disapprove the activity, we would have not approved it. Our reasoning behind this, among others, is the music, the cheerleaders, and the general atmosphere of those in attendance. As a church and a school, we are doing our best to be careful what we approve of, especially if it is something that might dishonor our Lord. We do understand that it puts you and us in a difficult predicament; we have already promised the children.

Therefore, we are not going as a school, but we will give you the tickets. We definitely wanted you to know it is not something we would approve. We would definitely not want to bring your son where he will see things you would not want him to see.   Sorry for the inconvenience!

For HIM,

Brother Esposito