Letter Dated February 1, 2010

Dear Parents,

It has been a great year in school and our Basketball teams have had an exciting season thus far.  I wanted to remind you about some policies pertaining to our Basketball games as well as the gymnasium.  It is VERY important that we adhere to these policies:

  • We would like to remind you that any Elementary student who attends a Pacific Baptist School basketball game, is required to attend with their parents.  Parents and/or guardians may not simply drop off a child without attending the game themselves.  I’m sure you understand the reasons behind this policy.  Additionally, we simply do not have the manpower to properly supervise the children ourselves.
  • Because we rent the gym from either First Baptist Church or Petrolane Boy’s Club, we want to do our very best to uphold our Christian testimonies.  We can do this by making sure we leave the gym in at least the same, if not better, condition, than how it was when we arrived.  This way we won’t have to worry about losing our privileges while there.

Recently, we have had problems with some of our elementary students creating havoc due to a lack of supervision.  We appreciate your cooperation to these adhering to these procedures in advance.

Should you have any questions or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


John Esposito

Athletic Director